The workshop suggested that the next steps should be to develop cross sector, cross regional lobby and policies, all outside of farming, initially focusing on (a) mental health (support) and (b) business generation.

How to form that lobby is not clear and provokes an opportunity for a follow-up to decide on the best way forward, drawing on the expertise of participants and other organisations.

How would YOU like to see this taken forward?  Please comment below  – your comment will not be made public unless you specifically ask it to be – or use the Contact page to get in touch.



Caveat re summary:

In providing a summary, we act as a middle man between the information generated by the attendees of the workshop and the readers of the summary. A summary is always a reduction of the richness in the original information and, inherit in the required interpretation, also an abstraction. The middle man (we) is asked to decide which messages shall be amplified (included in the summary) and which will be dampened (excluded). This eliminates weak signals (which can be desirable), but also nuance in the stronger signals that are being selected.

Cognitive science has demonstrated unambiguously that all interpretation is not only tainted with, but actually a direct expression of the interpreter’s bias and the impact of bias increases with the expertise in the domain of the data being interpreted. Again, this might be valid (after all, expertise can often facilitate problem solving and the bias then is exactly what is requested), but we are not sure this is valid in the context of this workshop.

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