Observations and Interpretations across all four groups

hard at workWith the exception of one board, hells were more detailed than heavens, signalling that worries are more present than hopes.

There is a strong need for a unified lobbying approach in articulating a policy framework across all regions and sectors to integrate and strengthen CLLD in order to change what is seen as a misguided and disjointed rural policy by the government.

There appears to be strong belief in economic opportunities outside of agriculture to create a sustainable future for rural enterprises, but they will need funding and support to flourish. Given funding, this could build on the process matured within the LEADER programme.


  • Threatened sustainability
  • Depopulation – losing young people
  • Infrastructure lacking: broadband/connectivity, transport, health and other services
  • Lack of investment to develop rich assets resulting in lack of job opportunities
  • Need to simplify processes to access funding