Group 4


Group 4 - wall
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Main themes

Consolidating current rural development activities into an action plan co-designed with rural communities. Using a framework in order to develop / acknowledge opportunities is seen as the way forward and has the potential to delivery thriving rural communities.

There is a fear that the current trajectory will increase the deprivation in rural communities, leading to further loss of jobs and mass depopulation.


Present themes

  • Neglected rural areas
  • Young people leaving
  • Brexit and the unknown; Brexit confusion
  • Lack in accessibility of services
  • Local communities need support
  • Uncertain future for funding
  • Sporadic and uncertain, especially in future investment
  • Questioning the awareness of the wider public and government of current state
  • Poor connectivity, WiFi and Broadband
  • Poor transport options between rural and urban impacting jobs
  • Sense of community and “pride of place”
  • Potential for tourist attraction
  • Good rural projects; some great work
  • There are lots of opportunities
  • Funding makes a positive impact
  • Currently, there is lots of funding available, but difficult processes to get funding
  • Funding requirements are off-putting; too bureaucratic
  • Over regulated, not well known
  • Uncertain future
  • Guidance is unclear and inconsistent

Heaven themes

  • Rural communities are thriving
  • We have a clear action plan fro rural development in Scotland
  • A wonderful new Rural Development Programme is in operation
  • LEADER is in 2020 – 2024 Programme period
  • Great Partnership Working
  • Funding and investment based on local needs
  • More rural attractions
  • Better connections to rural living
  • Support for rural areas
  • More career and work opportunities in rural areas
  • Available and accessible good quality services (skills and employability)
  • Opportunities for all: education, employment, exchanges
  • Equal opportunities across the entire country
  • Internal Scottish Government Communication is fantastic
  • Increase in rural living
  • High-speed broadband in all rural areas; 100% coverage
  • Public ownership of railways – more rural stations
  • Better connected transport and technology
  • Good funding guidance and support available
  • Less constraints with Audit and compliance in regard to LEADER
  • Funding still available


  • Scotland is still in the EU
  • Brexit was a myth
  • Brexit was a bad dream
  • Brexit was cancelled
  • No Brexit

Hell themes

  • Higher levels of rural deprivation
  • Nae Jobs or Joy
  • No funding for rural areas
  • Rural development in Scotland has been reduced
  • No LEADER or EMFF Programme in Scotland
  • No funding; no support funds for rural development
  • Squeeze on local government resources
  • Isolation; UK isolated and cost of food has risen, people left isolated and lonely
  • Demise of Leader funding and other European structural funds
  • Funding programme not designed to respond to rural needs
  • Rural economies in major decline
  • Brexit happened and has been an utter disaster
  • UK Government still negotiating on Brexit deals
  • Mass de-population of rural areas
  • Rural areas neglected
  • Neglected rural areas
  • Ageing population in rural communities
  • No attraction in rural area
  • No or little development in rural skills

Connect Heaven to the Present (timeline created and listed backwards, leading from Heaven to the Present)

  • Rural communities are thriving
  • Good quality monitoring and evaluation of evidence based priority change
  • New rural funding in operation, based on local needs
  • Buy-in and delivery from all stakeholders: Government agencies, LAGs, Communities
  • All relevant stakeholders need to be around the table (as Good Fortune)
  • Action plan is co-designed as a framework
  • Working group set up to advise on content
  • Coordinating voices – if no coordination, message is weakened and loses credibility (as Bad Outcome)
  • Info from local areas, councillors, residents, communities and groups
  • National Rural Advisory Committee input
  • Call to Action for input from rural areas
  • Rallying and info sharing to raise awareness of rural area issues
  • Recognise current lines and resources of rural development (SRA?)

Leading to Hell

  • Funding programmes doesn’t respond to local needs
  • Action plan from top down
  • Lack of coordination

Feedback during reporting

  • Engaged, positive feedback, “Collective Release of Breath at Conclusion”