Inclusive rural development post 2020: Towards a vision for rural Scotland

This website reports on a workshop held on 19th September 2017, organised by Scottish Rural Action, at the Carnegie Conference Centre in Dunfermline.

Participants from LEADER Local Action Groups, local authorities, Scottish Government and other organisations involved with rural / economic development were invited to help create a vision for the future. (See list of participants.)

The format used for this workshop is designed to force the attendees to first diverge on finding options to address the initial question, but then they were asked to converge on a few ideas that they together found most promising: first in how they connected Heaven to the Present and then in the more specific proposals. So in a sense connection paths and the proposals are already summaries of the group’s thinking. We created the website specifically to make all the data generated in the workshop accessible. The designers of the workshop format, Cognitive Edge, specifically wanted to allow disintermediation: for decision makers to be able to quickly scan and absorb the richness of the original data.

In that spirit, we urge you to have a look at the images of the boards, with a focus on the paths connecting Heaven and the Present and the resulting proposals, so you can contrast any overly reducing bias in the summary.

Scottish Rural Action is a not-for-profit apolitical organisation that seeks to develop a rural movement in Scotland. It organises a national Scottish Rural Parliament every two years.

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